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ASI BeAnywhere Software USB
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Duration1 year

Remotely access up to three PCs from absolutely anywhere with this simple and secure USB device. ASI BeAnywhere gives you completely secure access to all your applications, files, photos and more.

A fast, easy and secure way to access your computer remotely. ASI BeAnywhere allows you to control up to three computers exactly as if you were sitting in front of them.

Access all your applications, files, emails, documents, presentations, photos, spreadsheets and more from anywhere in the world. All you need is an ASI BeAnywhere USB device and an internet connection.

Worried about security? ASI BeAnywhere is so secure that when you remove the USB device, no trace is left behind.

Remote Desktop - See, control and access anything on your PC - even if you're halfway round the world!

File Transfer - Transfer files to and from your remote PC securely and easily.

File Share - Share files of any size, without needing to upload.

File Sync - Synchronize unlimited numbers of files and entire folders.

Guest Invite - Invite a friend or colleague to share your screen, or control your keyboard and mouse.

Independently acclaimed - the Independent says:

"I was able to see my office computer from a hotel in Chicago and search my home computer from the office. BeAnywhere is a remarkable device."

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In today's world, it's ever more crucial for people in all walks of life to have all their information, files and applications easily accessible, anytime and anywhere. BeAnywhere allows remote access to three PCs with problem-free set-up, install and usage, thanks to its clever and unique Universal Networking and Zero Configuration technology.

BeAnywhere lets you set up any PC to be remotely accessible in less than a minute and then allows you to access that PC from any other online PC - exactly as if you were sitting in front of it! Because it's so easy to use, no technical knowledge is required.

What is a BeAnywhere Drive?

BeAnywhere is a USB device that holds all the software you need to have full remote access to and control of up to three PCs... from anywhere.

What's on the BeAnywhere Drive?

The BeAnywhere Drive contains software that allows you to set up three PCs, be they at home or at work, to be accessed remotely. It also contains software that lets you quickly access any of your remote PCs, which is launched whenever you plug the BeAnywhere Drive into any other PC with an Internet connection.

How do I use BeAnywhere?

It's easy! Just follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Plug the BeAnywhere Drive into your PC and set up your BeAnywhere account. This is a one-time only process and will only take a couple of minutes.

2) Then use the BeAnywhere Drive to set up any PC that you want to access remotely. Just follow the on-screen instructions and that PC will be ready to be remotely accessed via BeAnywhere in less than a minute. Leave the PC powered on and connected to the Internet.

3) Take the BeAnywhere Drive with you... on a keyring, in a pocket or a bag.

4) Whenever you then want to access one of your remote PCs, just plug the BeAnywhere Drive into any other online PC, log onto the BeAnywhere service, select the remote PC you wish to access and you'll be working on it literally as if you are sitting in front of it!

5) When you have finished accessing any of your remote PCs, remove the BeAnywhere device.

Does BeAnywhere leave any trace?

No. When the BeAnywhere Drive is unplugged from the PC you have used for access, all traces are gone. All the software runs from the BeAnywhere Drive so nothing is installed or stored on any PC used to access and control your remote PCs. So you can safely use any computer - at an internet cafe, a friend's PC or even from a customer's site. No data, personal or password information is left behind.

Is BeAnywhere secure?

Yes. BeAnywhere uses a multi layer security system, which includes separate passwords for each PC and all communications are digitally signed and encrypted.

What if I have forgotten my BeAnywhere Drive but I still need remote access?

If necessary, you can also access your remote PCs via the Beanywhere website, but because you'll be using a web browser to gain access, this is inherently less secure than using the BeAnywhere Drive itself.

What if I have lost my BeAnywhere Drive or have accidentally deleted the software on it? 

No problem. Just click on the "Support" tab at the top of this section and you'll be able to download a fresh copy of the BeAnywhere software to install onto any USB stick.


Remote Desktop - See, control and access anything on your PC - even if you're halfway round the world! Check your email, run applications, view your data - in fact, do anything that you could do if you were sitting in front of your PC at home or in the office.

File Transfer - Transfer files to and from your remote PC securely and easily. Grant secure download and upload access to files and folders to work colleagues, friends or family - anywhere, anytime.

File Share - Share files of any size, without needing to upload. Just select the file you want to share and who you want to share it with. The recipient is emailed a secure download link. You control how long the file will be available and even how many times it can be downloaded.

File Sync - Synchronize unlimited numbers of files and entire folders between your local and remote computers with one click of a mouse.

Guest Invite - Invite a friend or colleague to share your screen, or control your keyboard and mouse to help you work out a PC problem. You decide the level of control you allow and how long for.

1Gb Storage - Also a portable storage device giving you 1Gb of storage space for your most important files.

Up to 3 PCs - Licensed for install on up to three PCs which gives you unlimited control via any Internet connected PC anywhere in the world!

12 months of service covering up to three remotely accessible PCs included.

2nd and subsequent years' service for continued remote access from only £29.99 per year.

All prices are inc VAT per annum.


Windows® 2000 or Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Pentium 450 with 128MB RAM

Broadband Internet.

Free USB slot


BeAnywhere Users Guide

To view PDF documents, Acrobat can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

Understanding BeAnywhere

BeAnywhere consists of two elements - a BeAnywhere "server" application that you'll need to install onto any PC that you want to be able to access remotely, and a BeAnywhere "client" application that you can run on any other online PC to access a PC on which you have installed a BeAnywhere server.

First Steps

Upon first plugging in your BeAnywhere Drive, the main BeAnywhere application will run, taking you through a short process to set up and activate your BeAnywhere account - which once completed gives you access to the BeAnywhere service.

Once you've done this, you can use your BeAnywhere Drive either to install the BeAnywhere server application on up to three PCs (and so making them remotely accessible), or to run the BeAnywhere client application on another PC that's online (in order to access any of your remote server PCs).

You'll find full information on how to use all of BeAnywhere's features within the User Guide included within the packaging or downloadable via the link above. 

General Product Support

General support for all ASI products can be found on our support page, along with a contact form, allowing you to tell us about your problems.

Need to reload the BeAnywhere software onto your BeAnywhere drive?

If for any reason the software on your BeAnywhere drive has been deleted or become corrupted, you can download a fresh copy to install onto your BeAnywhere USB drive from here.

Firstly, you'll need to reformat your BeAnywhere USB drive - so before doing this, make sure that you have made copies of any files or folders that you may have saved onto the free space on your BeAnywhere Drive.

Then just run the software you have downloaded, select "Install to a pen drive" when asked and make sure the BeAnywhere drive that you want to refresh is plugged into your computer before clicking "OK". Once the software has been restored to your BeAnywhere drive, just select "I already have a BeAnywhere account", enter your user name and password and your drive will be fully restored

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