BeAnywhere Login & Remote Access

To login to your BeAnywhere service, giving you remote access to your server Computers from anywhere in the world, just follow these easy steps:

1. Follow steps 1–2 under ‘BeAnywhere Registration’ on page 4.

Beanywhere Setup Step1




The standard ‘Login Screen’ will appear. Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ asconfirmed in your registration email.

Select ‘ENTER’.

Beanywhere You Havent Installed Beanywhere Screen



If you log into your account before you have installed any servers, this screen appears;

Selecting ‘Yes’ will take you to Step 2 at the beginning of the ‘BeAnywhere Server Installation’ on page 6.

Beanywhere My Remote Computers




The following screen now displays.

If you have more than one Remote Computer available, choose the one you wish to access in the box on the left, check that ‘REMOTE ACCESS’ is highlighted under the name of the Computer, and then select ‘CONNECT’.

Beanywhere Master Password




BeAnywhere will now start the connection process to the remote Computer you selected. A screen will now open, asking you to enter the Master Password you chose for that specific Computer

(see step 8 page 7). Enter this carefully and click ‘OK’.




Beanywhere Remote Computer Screen


6. After BeAnywhere has finished connecting, a new screen will open, showing you what’s onscreen on the Computer you are now remotely accessing. You now have full control of that remote Computer, just as if you were sitting in front of its own keyboard, mouse and display.



Beanywhere Remote Control Alt Delete





Depending upon how you left it, your remote Computer may be telling you to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to unlock it. Do NOT do this on the keyboard of the Computer you are using to gain remote access. Instead, simply click on the Ctrl-Alt-Del icon across the top of the window.


That completes this Installation Guide.

If you have followed all these steps from the beginning, you will have;

  • Activated your BeAnywhere account
  • Registered your Login details
  • Installed the BeAnywhere Personal Server on one or more Computers with Master Password security for each, and
  • Successfully accessed one of your Computers remotely

Have fun with BeAnywhere! Just remember to carry your BeAnywhere Drive with you everywhere you go…