BeAnywhere Server Installation

To install ‘BeAnywhere Server’ onto your computer, to enable you to have remote access to it from anywhere in the world, follow these steps:

1. Follow steps 1–2 under ‘BeAnywhere Registration’


Beanywhere Activation Email



The standard ‘Login Screen’ will appear.

Select ‘INSTALL’.

(If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, a User Account dialog may appear. Select ‘Continue’ to give permission for the BeAnywhere Server installation to continue.)

Beanywhere License Agreement




You will be asked to accept the terms of the BeAnywhere License. Select ‘I Agree’

Beanywhere Server Choose Components



The ‘Choose Components’ screen appears. This allows you to choose if you want a shortcut added to your desktop and/or your Start Menu. You can also choose to have the BeAnywhere Server documentation installed to this Computer.

Beanywhere Server Choose Install Location





You can now choose where to install the server software. It is recommended that you accept the default location.

Beanywhere Server Setup Login





Select ‘Install’. A small configuration screen will appear briefly, followed by page 1 of the ‘Server Setup Wizard” dialog.

Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ as confirmed in your registration email.

Beanywhere Server Computer Description




Step 2 allows you to define a recognisable name for this computer.

At this point you have the option to click the ‘Advanced’ button. This allows you to specify a Server Port which might be used for incoming connections in order to avoid conflicts with Routers or Firewalls.


you do not normally need to set a Server Port because BeAnywhere can auto-configure local firewalls and routers without any additional help. However, if you wish for any reason to specify a specific port address, this is the place to do so.


Beanywhere Server Master Password




Select ‘Next’. Your computer will now register with BeAnywhere. When this is complete the following screen appears.

Select ‘Finish’ and you will be asked to wait whilst the server sets itself up on your computer. After a few seconds the ‘Master Password’ screen will appear.


The Master Password is known only to you, and is a second level of protection which must beentered every time you wish to access this particular Computer remotely. This is in addition to your normal Login details (Username and Password). You can use different Master Passwords for each of the three Computers you can set up as remotely accessible servers.

Beanywhere Server Finished



Select ‘Finish’ and you will be informed that you have now installed the server on your computer.

Beanywhere Server Configuration



10. Select ‘OK’ and the ‘Server Configuration’ dialog is displayed.

BeAnywhere is now online and your computer is ready to be remotely accessed.

You can minimise or close this screen leaving the server running. To restore this screen, just right click the ‘BeAnywhere Server’ icon in the taskbar and select Restore or Configuration.

You can now repeat these steps on up to two other computers to make them remotely accessible BeAnywhere Servers as well.


We’ll now tell you how to use your BeAnywhere Drive to remotely access any of the Computers that you have set up as BeAnywhere Servers.