BeAnywhere Registration

You must “Register” your computer or USB drive before you can use it. This is a “one time only” process. To register, just follow these simple steps:


1. If BeAnywhere was installed to your computer there should be a shortcut on the desktop  to ‘ BeAnywhere Drive’ double click this file and go to step 3. 

If BeAnywhere was installed to a USB drive please insert your drive into any free USB port on your computer. You should see a new window open automatically.

If nothing happens automatically, open the Windows ‘Start’ Menu & select ‘My Computer’ (Windows XP) or ‘Computer’ (Windows 7 & Vista). Right Click on ‘BeAnywhere Drive’ & select ‘Autoplay’ or ‘Open Autoplay’.


2. Windows XP and Vista users – select ‘Launch BeAnywhere Drive’ and then click ‘OK’. Windows 7 users – select ‘Open folder to view files’. In the new window that opens, double click on the file named ‘ BeAnywhere Drive’.

Beanywhere Choose Language




You should now have the following dialog on your screen. Select your default language.

To save your language selection, Click the checkbox and then go to ‘Continue’.






Beanywhere Activation Step2




After a brief check on its own configuration, the first of the three activation steps will appear. 

The following 2 options are. ‘Create new account’ go to step 6 or ‘I already have a BeAnywhere account’ go to step 5. Make your selection and click ‘Activate’.





Beanywhere Activation Step2




Please enter your existing BeAnywhere username and password. The activation code is optional and is only if you have a new code.


Click ‘Register’ and then ‘Continue’ to complete the activation, proceed to step 9.

Beanywhere Activation Step2



Fill in the simple registration form, taking care to enter a correct email address, and a password you can remember. The email address is used to deliver your login details, and it is used, together with the password you’ve chosen, to identify you when you login in the future.

Your ‘Activation Code’ will be sent to you by email. The code must be entered exactly as provided. Leave this field blank to evalulate this product for 30 days.

Click ‘Register’ and then ‘Continue’.

Beanywhere Activation Congratulations




You should have an email from ‘’ Follow the instructions to confirm your license activation by clicking on the link ‘Activate’ in the email message. Your internet browser will display the following.

Beanywhere Activation Email




Select ‘Check Activation’. You have now completed your registration.

If you were not able to find the confirmation email in your Inbox, you can have the email sent again, or change the registered email address to one you can get access to.

Beanywhere Setup Step1



This is the screen you will be shown every time you use your BeAnywhere Drive. You can now either ‘INSTALL’ the server software onto up to three of your Computers, to enable them to be accessed remotely, or ‘LOGIN’ from anywhere in the world to gain access to your remote server Computers.


Your next step is to install the server software onto one or more computers that you want to be able to access from a remote location in the future.